Beat the Imposter in you

12 Apr

Hello to another week & it’s the middle of April already!
Recognise this situation ….?

You’re in a meeting with colleagues at work, college or university. Your mind is wandering. You notice the apparent confidence of your colleagues as they suggest clever ‘I wish I’d thought of that’ ideas and how they always seem to ask the the right questions. Read more

FOMO your way out of that

16 Feb



You know the feeling only too well, don’t you? The smallest of things causing you the maximum stress: an untidy room, lost car keys, the cat being sick at 3am.Read more

Growth mindset lowers anxiety

14 Jan

How we give our children feedback is directly linked to development of a growth mindset, studies now prove. Coaching clients in my Ruislip clinic continues to amaze me how helping clients adopt less of a fixed mindset of not being ‘good enough’ really does drive positive outcomes. My learning is, give praise where praise is due but be mindful, your positive intent may be undermined if you praise achievement rather than effort.

Happy New Year!

31 Dec

Whatever the year has been like for you, draw a line and take a deep breath – 2019 will be the year that you make it.

You already have all the necessary resources to make a positive difference in your life and if I’m able to serve you by guiding you towards a better version of you in 2019, you know where I am.

Have a healthy and enjoyable end to 2018 and an even better New Year!

Best wishes.


Steve 😊

Talk as you mean to go on …

25 Nov

If, like me, you joined Toastmasters to rid yourself of a public speaking phobia that curses you every time someone mentions the word, ‘presentation’, you’re in good company. The fear of public speaking is in the top three of most common global phobias, worldwide.

Here, I’d like to give a brief review of how anxiety attacks can ‘make us stupid’, whenever we’re pushed out of our comfort zone. I will also offer some ideas that can add to the hugely valuable Toastmasters benefits you’re accruing. We’ll also look at the biochemical changes in our body that leads us to behave in a way we all recognise.Read more

The age of envy … don’t be

12 Oct

There’s something very familiar about that sinking, heavy feeling that results from reading a Facebook post, an email or a text from someone you know who’s life appears fun, perfect almost.

Recognise this? Feel like your life is unfulfilled and lagging behind your school chum or work colleague who has a career to die for? Your friends are out shopping in Marylebone High Street or London cocktail bars? Of course we have. We, because I’m like you. Frustrated, angry almost. But are things as they seem?

None of us wish our friends and colleagues who appear to be ‘doing better’ any ill-will but we have to ask ourselves, what’s that about and how can I use it?

What I mean is, why does that email or FB post trigger this response?

I believe the explanation is two-fold: there’s a good sprinkling of social proof exaggeration going on: we are primed to be successful in order to be accepted in our social circles, meaning if we don’t come across as successful or settling for a life of mediocrity, then we’re not ‘worth’ knowing.Read more

Stage fright? You’re in good company!

16 Aug

Feel there’s something odd about you? Something that makes you different and perhaps not good enough compared to friends or colleagues?

A BBC video blog “How the body responds to stress” shares how the body reacts to stress of the kind witnessed by some of the great performers the world has seen. You most definitely are in good company.

Stage fright. Sir Lawrence Olivier, thespian and model professional, frequently vomited prior to going on stage. Adele. Celine Dion.

So, the question is … if the greatest performers suffer extreme body stress when faced with public performing and public scrutiny, why are you any different?

Stage fright, performance anxiety, public speaking fears. All a consequence of the flight or fight bodily response. All very treatable by Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

Interrupt the pattern today and contact me for a judgement-free conversation on how we can work together.

Read more

Enough’s enough … give a presentation now!

20 Jul

The fear of public speaking affects many people, gluing them to their chairs and stymying careers,

no matter how unfulfilling their jobs or present situation may be.

“The human brain starts working the moment you’re born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public.”

Though you might think you could never do what those clever, inspirational speakers do, you can teach yourself enough about public speaking to untie the tethers that hold you back.Read more