Hypnotherapy for Anxiety & Stress Management

Hypnotherapy can help with anxiety or stress and to better manage the body’s reaction to real or imagined danger, usually referred to as the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response.


We know this is a very natural response that human beings experience from all the way back in time from when our ancestors had to compete with sabre-toothed tigers for food!


In our fast paced modern lives, this response is being activated constantly and the consequence can be highly negative on day to day living, health, work and relationships.


I use cognitive hypnotherapy to help you overcome anxiety and stress in Ruislip (near Harrow) Middlesex, Bushey, Hertfordshire, Northwood & Bishopsgate in London.


Once we have worked through your difficulty in detail, we will try to identify what the anxiety and symptoms mean to you as an individual before using a range of techniques to address the underlying problem.


For your homework, I will also ask you to relax and listen to a bespoke download that I will create for you. A download that looks to speak to your unconscious mind so ultimately, it is your choice as to how and when you respond to situations that have previously been challenging.


Take the first step, email me at info@smccabe.co.uk



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