Fears & Phobias

Do phobias or fears get in the way of your life when at work or when at home?


Many people will have heard of spider or dog phobias or a fear of flying or having going to the dentist. The devastation these fears can cause in your life can be immense but what many people don’t realise is that solutions are available to help reduce or eliminate your response to any of these phobias or fears.


Social phobia is a difficulty which has a root cause in the fear of being judged and can present itself in social situations or occasions where performance is important, for example, being observed in a work setting.


I offer Cognitive Hypnotherapy in London, Ruislip & Bushey which could offer you a bespoke solution to overcome your fears and phobias.


If you would like to take control of you fears or phobias, email me at info@smccabe.co.uk



Most of us feel nervous if we are asked to stand up and give a presentation. It’s a common complaint especially in work settings, but for some of us, it can impair our career progression.


Interestingly, the feelings of anxiety and nervousness that our minds generate have a positive intention – to protect you from situations your unconscious mind recognises as ‘unsafe’.


For many, this problem may arise from childhood, perhaps when asked to perform in front of a school classroom or when asked to play a musical instrument in front of relatives. Often, the pressure to perform and appear free of nerves brings about the precise symptoms of cracking voice, trembling hands that you wish to avoid.


I use techniques that look to identify the root cause of the problem to put you in control of the problem. This means public speaking should not continue to be something stressful.


If you wish to take the first steps to being a more relaxed you at work or elsewhere, email me at info@smccabe.co.uk



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