Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

How often have you made some progress with losing weight only for you to then struggle to make it more enduring? When this happens, we often blame ourselves and end up eating more to console us.


Most people know that weight loss is successful when calorific intake is reduced and physical activity is increased. Research shows that over half of us have dieted at some time in our lives – that’s more than 1 in 4 of UK adults trying to lose weight most of the time.


However, old habits often resume and those on diets eventually regain all the weight they have lost and sometimes, gain even more weight.


The reasons that diets don’t work in the long term are that no diet ever addresses the root cause for the weight issue in the first place.


Cognitive Hypnotherapy for weight loss can do just this. By using bespoke tools and techniques together, we can explore any emotional events at the root of your weight problem. Offer weight loss hypnotherapy in Ruislip (near Harrow) Middlesex, Northwood & Bishopsgate in London.


Once achieved, Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you:


  • relax more about food and also with having you gain control of your weight management.
  • help you recognise when you are full so you no longer wish to overeat.


If you would like to take control of your weight, email me at info@smccabe.co.uk



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