You know the feeling only too well, don’t you? The smallest of things causing you the maximum stress: an untidy room, lost car keys, the cat being sick at 3am.

Nothing that is going to bring down a government but taken in the context of an already cluttered mind, these ‘little things’ truly are camel back-breakers.

Ever taken your car for a service only for the mechanic to ask ‘how on earth have you managed to stop this car with such worn brakes? – Yes, I know you have.

It’s the same case with our mental health: a life built on people pleasing, taking on that extra small favour for a work colleague and then, bang. You’re stressed, something keeping you awake at night and then, the mother of all head colds.
It is so easy to ignore something in the hope it will just go away.

It’s a simple choice. Either be kinder to yourself, take more time to recharge and say no more often. I don’t believe in making resolutions but I have this year made a decision to be kinder to myself, be less hard on my decisions to say no, not this time, avoiding the word ‘sorry’. What are you sorry for?

So, in making the decision to be kinder to yourself, start by doing a de-clutter.
Write stuff down, reminding yourself of the good stuff you’ve achieved, what you’re looking to do this year.
Create a mood diary, keeping track of the way that you feel and just notice how you become even more aware of how you can look after yourself better.

Mediate by taking five minutes before running to grab a telly dinner from the supermarket.
Unfollow people on social media. You know who they are. Those insecure souls who make you feel negative about yourself just by the flimsy, meaningless posts that irk you.

Self-care doesn’t always have to be about ourselves but there comes a time, just like when you take a flight to the sun: sort your own oxygen mask firstly before helping those around you.

The power to you.