So, what am I going to be up to in 2023?

(Don’t worry, this is not a ‘how to achieve your goals‘ post!)

My plan this year is to help as many people as possible unlock their true potential by helping them build their Self-Worth.

In other words, growing that internal sense of being ‘good enough’ and worthy of love and belonging from others.

You don’t have to cut other’s heads off in order to stand tall … that’s a quote from a friend of mine who once told me that in her country, they have this saying that expresses the difference between arrogance and confidence. Perhaps at times, we hold ourselves back, we don’t speak up when we should do, because we fear our confidence will come across as arrogant? you’ll be seen as fake and you’ll be ‘found out’.

Self-worth is a bit like the base of a pyramid, on which is built everything else, such as self-esteem and self-confidence. Logic would suggest then that sorting out your self-worth will help fix everything else connected to it. In reality, that’s what I’m offering this year.

In case you were wondering where Imposter Syndrome fits into all of this – in some ways, feeling you’re a fraud, an imposter is due to low self-worth. But I dislike this label because it sounds like a medical condition – it isn’t.

Why then am I planning to focus on this area?

Regret at not ‘having a go’ at a promotion or a new hobby,

will haunt you more than failure.

For the simple reason I see far too many people never realise their full potential, especially in their career. What’s really important to me is seeing justice done in the world, that ‘we all matter’. Helping more and more people feel fulfilled and successful will go a long way to satisfying my own feelings of self-worth. A win-win even!

So, you may be pleasantly surprised how easy this can be achieved, especially when you look back a the way things used to be …

– holding yourself back from applying for a job promotion

– feeling you can’t say ‘no’ to unreasonable demands placed on you

– unable to resist ‘pleasing’ others at the expense of your own needs.

Sound familiar?

So how am I going to do this?

Simply, by focussing on the common things we can work on together to make your self-worth even stronger than it already is … by sharing ideas through my blogs, support material downloads and through events I’ll host all aimed at funnelling down to that ultimate goal … to grow that feeling of being good enough.

In my upcoming blogs, I’ll be showing how those common things that we can slip into, such as comparing ourselves to others or feeling everyone is judging us negatively, are things that can be put right – without you feeling you’ll upset other. In turn, boosting how you feel about yourself.

One final note.

The people who you attract into your life are a mirror of who you are and what you value. Think about that.