Instant Calm Confidence

If you’re looking for long-term transformation of your mindset towards a calmer, more confident version of you, then my Authentic You programme would best suit you.

• However, if you’re unable to commit to my Authentic You programme but you have an important presentation or job interview fast approaching, read on for details of my Instant Confidence Generator breakthrough sessions.

  • Does life seem to be running at 100 miles per hour and you struggle to relax?
  • Perhaps you dread being invited to give a presentation or chair a meeting?
  • Would you like to be able to call up instant confidence so that you can do yourself proud?

If any of these points are of interest, let’s work together in a single breakthrough session to to help you feel calmer, in control and prepared for your event.

How does it work?

– Despite being prepared for your presentation or meeting, you struggle to control your emotions.

– Perhaps you worry that others around you might see you’re nervous and that only seems to make things worse.

– Your hands shake, your heart races and you find getting your breath difficult. Everything seems clumsy and you’re just not yourself.

– But what if you could call on a calmer, confident version of you just by choosing a technique that will give you the right mindset and feelings of being in           control?

– That’s where my Instant Confidence Generator session comes in. Across 90 minutes of 1:1 therapy, you’ll get the best support and coaching to give you the best mindset you can have as you walk into that room.

In other words, are you ready to be the best possible version of you,

your ‘ideal self’?


I can help


Instant Calm Confidence

Having worked for over 20 years in the corporate sector, my experience and training as a practitioner of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, offers a successful platform to help my clients achieve what they truly deserve.

I am driven by a desire to see more justice in the world.

So, if you feel life is treating you unfairly, then get in touch.

Working together on my Authentic You System, we’ll strive towards getting you towards that ideal version of yourself that you’ve only dreamt of.

How it works…

Confidence Generator sessions take place in my Uxbridge therapy room or online using Zoom, giving the freedom to choose the most convenient solution for you.

30 min Discovery Call

It’s important to be sure we’re right for each other so this is time to ask any questions on how we can work together towards calm confidence.

Reflections questions

I’ll send you a short questionnaire to help me understand any relevant background, your motivations and what success would look like.

90 minute 1:1 session

I’ll coach you on how to make immediate changes to help you calm your nerves. Using hypnotherapy, your subconscious will take on new learnings towards a happier outcome.

A bespoke audio recording 

I’ll create a unique MP3 recording just for you to help bring about the lasting change you want.

What you also get…


My Instant Confidence Generator sessions also offer you Here’s a summary of what you can expect:

Protected Time

Whenever we work together, you can be confident our time together will be focus on real outcomes that matter to you.

Ad-Hoc Support

Even after we meet, we can hop on a 15 minute call to address any questions you might have. I offer a 24hr response to email queries you send in.

Your Key Secret

Based on your 1st session, I build you a bespoke, WordWeave, MP3 recording that goes a long way to help your subconscious to expect different outcomes, on your road to recovery.

Are you ready for Instant Confidence?

Let’s make this happen. Your Instant Confidence Generator session costs £150 and includes, a discovery call, reflections questionnaire, 90 minutes of professional hypnotherapy and a bespoke audio recording.

Don’t allow nerves to control you any longer.

Book a chat today.

Take the first step and book now… 

Your Instant Confidence Generator Session costs £150 with good availability. Why delay?

Book a 30min phone call today, without charge or expectation, to help you decide how my Instant Confidence Generator session could be the start to a happier, more fulfilled you. My Terms & Conditions are HERE