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Recognise any of this?


Something is holding you back in case someone sees you as weak or stupid.


When you’re asked to give a presentation, strong emotions take over. Your hands are shaking and sweaty, you are perspiring and your voice sounds wobbly. Your face is blushing and you are over-preparing, changing your slides at the last minute.


You feel socially anxious when in the company of senior leaders at work or those highly qualified clients you have. You struggle to be your calm, usual self.

How would you like to feel like this instead?


You’re relaxed and comfortable at just being you.


You have a positive, growth mindset, that shields you from having to behave in a certain way, for someone else.

Then my Authentic You Programme has been designed with you in mind…

I’m Steve McCabe and I love helping people. It’s always been my way and for the last 4 years since training as a practitioner of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, I’ve been able to help ordinary people to lead extraordinary lives.

People just like you.

Ordinary people who feel overwhelmed and held back by low self-esteem. Perhaps something is stopping you from going for promotion at work because you don’t  think you’re good enough to apply? Maybe there are times when meeting senior managers at work makes you feel anxious?

How I can help

Watch this short introductory video to find out more about me and how we could work together to help you achieve your full potential.

From the Blog…

Celebrate being the imperfect you

Life has become very stressful so I've been reflecting on how things could be better, a life without the pressure that comes with believing you have to be just perfect, at work or with friends. Watch my video to imagine how life could be without the pressure of...

Am I good enough …?

Am I good enough …?

I recently had to plan for a one hour training session I was asked to deliver over Zoom for colleagues all of whom are clever medical scientists. No harm there, I thought. But over the coming weeks I had to put my slides together, I’d started to give myself a hard...

Stressed? Download My Video Course on “5 Ways to Relax for Meetings”

To thank you for visiting my hypnotherapy website, please find below the link to my five video course on achieving calm relaxation. Taken from the world of sport, business & performing, my video course will teach you to reduce the intensity of any unwanted emotions. Please don’t listen or watch to this video course when driving, lying in a bath or when using machinery of any kind.

Simply use the coupon ALICEFORPM at checkout and you will have instant access to my premium video course.