Social Anxiety & Self Sobatage


Do you have a feeling you could be achieving more but something is holding you back?

You might even have feelings of shame for not living up to those expectations of others.

Perhaps at work, you fear applying for a job that you know you could do with your eyes closed.

Maybe there’s something that stops you speaking up in work meetings in case someone will ‘find you out’ for being the fraud you believe you are. Maybe the thought of giving a presentation fills you with dread and worry that keeps you awake at night.

If so, I would love to help


I believe any of these feelings or beliefs are very unfair. You have talent and other people know that but when the world doesn’t see just what you can do, that’s unfair. It’s unfair on you for not getting the recognition you deserve and it’s unfair on others who won’t get to see the wonderful person and
colleague you are.

Together, we will work together to identify the deeper beliefs you have that drive your current behaviours. We will work to change your beliefs so that you can lead the life that you desire.

Why I practice Cognitive Hypnotherapy


I’ve spent many years working in the corporate healthcare sector so I know how much the effects stress and burnout can affect us at work. I also recognise how we are our own biggest critic, the inner voice that constantly reminds us ‘you’re not good enough’. You believe someone will notice that you’re nervous when presenting at a meeting. Perhaps you even believe just don’t deserve to be doing the job you do, let alone apply for promotion.

I’ve always had a very strong sense of justice. It’s one of my values that always comes top. So whenever I see anything in life that’s very unfair, it usually gets my attention. So when I realised I could help reduce some of the injustice in the world by working with ordinary people like you and I, to lead extraordinary lives, I knew I had an opportunity.

It was this opportunity that lay behind my decision to train as a Cognitive Hypnotherapy practitioner, because every single one of us matters. Inside and outside of the workplace.

Book a call today without charge or expectation and we can discuss how we could work together.