Hypnotherapy Sessions & Fees

Hypnotherapy Session Costs & Fees


Our Cognitive Hypnotherapy sessions and plans are tailored to the individual client and their presenting problem, so this is usually something best discussed on an individual basis.


The first session is one where we have a chance to meet and determine the best way to help you. Cognitive Hypnotherapy takes recent understandings of how the brain works, cognitive behavioural methods and a modern view of trance, to create a combination that can be very effective in a relatively short amount of time. Typically many problems can be helped in as little as 3-6 sessions.

I offer Cognitive Hypnotherapy sessions in Bishopsgate & Northwood (London), Ruislip (Middlesex) and Bushey (Herts).


On occasions, a session by Skype or FaceTime might be appropriate if that suits you.


You can read more about me and about the sessions I offer on About page, How I Can Help You page and Meet Steve page.



Investing in yourself

A common question asked is how much will a Cognitive Hypnotherapy session cost, and it’s a reasonable question given the need to know what the financial commitment is.


It’s absolutely true that by working with me, you are investing in you, helping you become the best ‘you’ that you can be, guiding you to get what you really want in life, both now and in the future.


Sometimes, that’s going to take a bit of work and time and my guess is that you already possess all that you need to achieve your goals. It may be that you just don’t believe it yet. The good news… we can probably help with that too!


You can read what my previous clients have said about working with me on the Testimonials page.



How much does hypnotherapy cost ?

Questions you need to consider asking yourself include what am I comparing the cost of therapy to?


How much is the problem I am seeking help with costing me in terms of lost time that could be better spent enjoying life?


Is my problem impacting significantly with relationships, perhaps at home or work and how much is that costing me?


Whether it is a social anxiety that is impacting on my work performance, loss of confidence, or a phobia, Cognitive Hypnotherapy can be a relatively brief therapeutic tool.



How long does it take?

For many clients, a significant difference can be made in 4 – 6 cognitive hypnotherapy sessions. Some achieve results even before then. Therefore, the investment that you make for a lifetime of change may be a relatively small amount compared to other talking therapies where you can expect to invest over a matter of months.



What is the cost to you if you delay seeking help?

One more thing. If we could wave a magic wand and imagine for a few moments, what life would be like when your problem area has gone, what would you be doing that is different? Enjoying the time you spend at work? Enjoying happier relationships? Perhaps taking up a new job role that you have previously avoided?


Looking at the full picture then, the question that needs to be considered is not how much does Cognitive Hypnotherapy cost but what is the cost to you if you delay seeking help.


Take the first step by emailing me at info@smccabe.co.uk – I look forward to helping you become a happier, more fulfilled version of you.

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